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Past Junior Award Winners

2023 - Hingchikristie Leung - winner - Gender distribution of speakers at major ophthalmology conferences and Chung Shen Chean - runner up - Trainees' and Trainers' perceived quality and safety of cataract training within the independent sector in East Midlands South Deanery: a cross-sectional survey.Photo_06-10-2023_17_32_50_copy.jpg

2022 - Clinical - Adam Bharmal - Preserflo MicroShunt in patients with prior trabeculectomy: A case series0c1e3207-09d2-42e4-967c-399624664ebf.jpg

2022 - Academic - Mark Thaller - The Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension prospective cohort maternal health study: evaluation of the impact of pregnancy on outcomes.                                                                                                                   ad03f679-c440-4a70-bb8c-5e12970ef668.jpg

2021 - Clinical - Shailja Chalishazar - Ophthalmic examination in patients with candidaemia: is it necessary?a7234978-a53f-434f-b2d9-2ffb1b310c6f.jpg

2021 - Academic - Gagandeep Sachdeva - The effectiveness of matching human leucocyte antigens (HLA) in corneal transplantation: a systematic review.

2020 - Clinical - George Moussa - Using the West Midlands CONCERT to characterise regional incidence of acute onset post cataract surgery endophthalmitis.George.jpg

2020 - Academic - Mervyn Thomas - Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to differentiate between normal and abnormal retinal development.Mervyn_Thomas.jpg

2019 - Clinical - Aditya Kale - Reproducibility of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and OCT angiography (OCTA) using a mobile OCT module.    6610b143-7248-46c0-bd92-5b1684c39380.jpeg

2019 - Academic - Liying Low - Rapid diagnosis of causative pathogens and antimicrobial genes in ocular infections by nanopore sequencing technology. 8ef1de86-dfa6-4ddd-b3dd-af7fb308ccbd.jpeg

2018 - Clinical - Afrah Riaz - Incidence of sight impairment in patients treated for bilateral wet age-related macular degeneration (wARMD).                                               fullsizeoutput 3ef6

2018 - Clinical Runner Up - Jessica Walker - A cross-sectional analysis of glaucoma care in Swaziland: presentation, management and adherence to treatment.         a8b2752f-19fd-429b-b05d-0bf0d3438fb8.jpg

2017 - Clinical - Christopher Way - Optimizing OCT acquisition parameters for assessments of uveitis.                                                                           Christopher_Way_and_~John_Deutsch.jpg

2017 - Academic - Mervyn Thomas - Development and clinical utility of a novel diagnostic next generation sequencing panel for infantile nystagmus.                                                                 Mervyn_Thomas_and_John_Deutsch.jpg

2014 - Joint winners - Matt Edmunds - HAART and Soul: Clinical Challenges of Thyroid Eye Disease in HIV Positive Patients on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy  and Paul TomlinsThe Ocular Surface Immune Environment Following Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplant and in Ocular Graft-Versus-Host Disease.

2013 - Matt Edmunds - Metabolomic Analysis of Serum in Graves' Disease and Thyroid Associated Ophthalmology.

2012 - Victor Hu - To Compare In-vivo Confocal Microscopy (IVCM) with the Histopathological Examination of Tissue and Cellular Changes in Normal and Diseased Conjunctiva.

2011 - Geraint Williams - Sub-clinical Inflammation in Pemphigoid: Can "Hidden" Neutrophils Predict Disease Progression?

2010 - Anna Gao - Pseudomonas aeruginosa in ocular infections: Are they all the same or different?