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MOS Meeting 1st October 2021: Slash and Burn

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Part 1 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Introduction by MOS President, Miss G Thurai

Junior Prize Presentations 2021 - Clinical and Academic: Chaired by Mrs H Sharma and Miss J Edwards

1. Matthew Azzopardi Comparative study of iris-claw intraocular lens implantation and implantable collamer lens – patient-reported outcomes. 

2. Gibran Butt What the COVID-19 pandemic revealed about caring for patients with microbial keratitis. 

3. Shailja Chalishazar Ophthalmic examination in patients with candidaemia: is it necessary?

4. Aditya Kale Ophthalmic and neuroCognitive aspects of Critical Illness (OCCI): Feasibility and performance evaluation of OCT and OCTA in the Intensive Therapy Unit Setting.

5. Saad Khan Eliminating Mydriasis Prior to Imaging Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Impact on Scan Quality, Appointment Lengths and Cost.

6. Matthew Kuet Quantification of aerosol production during pars plana vitrectomy and phacoemulsification. 

7. Tarjani Makwana Efficacy of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist for Cataract Surgery.

8. James Mitchell Bariatric surgery versus community weight management intervention for treatment of idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH:WT): a randomized controlled trial.

9. Amrita Saravanan Early results of PreserFlo® Microshunt in complex glaucoma patients at large tertiary referral unit.

10. Gagandeep Sachdeva The effectiveness of matching human leukocyte antigens (HLA) in corneal transplantation: a systematic review.

11. Ananya Singh A cross-sectional review of the presenting ocular features of Behçet’s disease in patients from a single centre in the UK.

12. Kusy Suleiman Honey for Sore Eyes.

13. Mark Thaller Negative impact of COVID-19 lockdown on papilloedema and idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Presentations by past junior award winners - Dr A Kale clinical winner 2019, Dr G Moussa clinical winner 2020, Dr M Thomas academic winner 2020

Sponsor Presentation - Visufarma


Part 2 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Ocular Trauma Part 1 of 2: Chaired by Mr A Tyagi

i) Managing lid and orbital injury, Mr Y Ghosh

ii) Corneo-scleral surgical & medical injuries, Mr A Barua

iii) Glaucoma surgeon's perspective of ocular trauma, Mr V Sung

iv) Managing lens trauma & aphakia, Mr A Mitra

Panel discussion: Q and A

Sponsor Presentations - Santen - NOT AVAILABLE, Scope, Thea

Part 3 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Presidential Address - Mr Bernie Chang, President, RCOphth

Ocular Trauma Part 2 of 2: Chaired by Mr A Tyagi

i) Intra-ocular foreign body, Mr K Son Lett

ii) Posterior Segment Trauma, Mr P Talty

iii) Neuro-ophthalmology: nerve & muscle injuries, Ms L Alvarez

iv) Ocular trauma: Experiences from a tertiary hospital in India, Prof R Tandon

Panel discussion: Q and A


Part 4 of 4

Junior Award Posters & Sponsor slide exhibition

Introduction of Middlemore Lecturer, Mr M Burdon

Middlemore Lecture: On The Shoulders of Giants, Lt Col A Jacks

MOS AGM, MOS Secretariat, Miss J Edwards

Announcement of Winners of Junior Prizes 2021

Inauguration of next MOS President, Mr A Murray

Music: Reach The Top by Shane Ivers -