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MOS Meeting 2nd October 2020: Coping with COVID: trainees, trainers and looking after our eyes

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 Part 1 of 2

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Introduction by MOS President, Miss G Thurai

Junior Prize Presentations: Chaired by Miss J Edwards

a) Using artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate between normal and abnormal retinal development, M Thomas

b) Proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy-based metabolomic analysis has diagnostic potential in idiopathic intracranial hypertension and sheds light on disease processes, S Seneviratne

c) Investigation of mitochondrial function in a brain slice model of headache mechanisms, O Grech

d) Role of temporal artery biopsy in giant cell arteritis fast-track pathway, A Sachdev

e) Cross sectional study of glaucoma severity in patients who have breached their scheduled glaucoma clinic appointment in a large DGH, O Sharma

f) Outcomes and ultrastructural changes of patients treated with intravitreal injection of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and C3F8, W Fusi-Rubiano

g) Comparison of 1 year surgical outcomes of combined cataract surgery and gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy (GATT) versus cataract surgery and iStent inject, H Hamze

h) Using the West Midlands CONCERT to characterise regional incidence of acute onset post-cataract surgery endophthalmitis, G Moussa

i) Lifetime visual outcomes of patients undergoing trabeculectomy, R Chen

Sponsor Presentations, Santen, Medicom and Visufarma


Part 2 of 2

Sponsor slide exhibition

Coping in COVID times: Chaired by Mr M Burdon

i) BMEC perspective, Mrs B Mushtaq

ii) QEHB perspective, Mr S Dulku

iii) Training virtually, Mr A Mitra

iv) Worcestershire perspective, Mr T Sharma

v) Wolverhampton perspective, Mr S Sandramouli

vi) Cheltenham perspective, Mr P Tomlins

Panel discussion

Examinations and recuitment in ophthalmology 2020-21, Royal College of Ophthalmologists Vice President, Mr D Flanagan

MOS AGM and announcement of Winners of 2020 Junior Awards, MOS Secretariat, Miss J Edwards


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