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MOS regional meetings are held three times per annum, along with the President's winter meeting in Switzerland and the collaborative summer meeting with the Pantheo Eye Centre in Cyprus.


One of the regional meetings is hosted by the President and another is organised by the non-Birmingham based Secretary.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is organised by the Birmingham based Secretary. The AGM Meeting each year hosts the MOS Junior Awards.

The regional MOS meetings are full day events, held on Fridays, typically with a theme/ subspecialty for the day. Several local and outside experts are invited to speak on cutting edge techniques and state of the art developments. The meetings are held in an informal manner with sufficient time for socialising. Usually the AGM meeting culminates with an evening dinner.


After the mandatory postponement of the March 2020 and June 2020 meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent four MOS meetings, from October 2020 to October 2021 were hosted virtually using the Zoom platform. We have returned to 'face to face' meetings from March 2022. From the first virtual meeting held in October 2020 to March 2023, the full meeting content was recorded and is available for MOS members to view retrospectively ( see Webinars).


Photographs may be taken during meetings, both formally and informally, and the images may be used for MOS publicity and marketing purposes. Please contact the Secretariat if you wish to be exempt from this. 

The AGM Meeting is a grand event and includes hosting of the MOS Junior Awards, Academic and Clinical Presentations and a Poster exhibition by the trainees, the winners receiving a generous award. An invited speaker delivers the prestigious Middlemore Lecture. Also at the AGM itself there are important Society announcements, such as in-coming appointments to the Executive Committee, and inauguration of the next MOS President. 

President's Winter meetings are held in February or March in Zermatt on an annual basis. The organiser is Anthony O'Driscoll, who can be contacted via the following e-mail address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Please click here for more details.

Summer Cyprus meetings are held in Limassol, organised by Dr Katia Papastavrou of Pantheo Eye Center. This meeting is held under the auspices of St George’s University of London Medical Programme at the University of Nicosia in conjunction with the MOS. The programme is usually loaded with eminent speakers in their chosen subspecialities. Please click here for the Pantheo Eye Centre website.