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Past Cyprus Prize Winners

Congratulations to the Pantheo/MOS prize winners for 2023

Alistair Fielder Trainee Prize: Anastasia Neocleous, Archbishop Makarios III Hospital, Nicosia: A 'hard landing'

Alistair Fielder Medical Student Prize: Khaled Qutteneih & Yusuf Al Aradi, University of Nicosia Medical Schoool: Glaucoma and optic nerve compression: A case of dual pathology missed

Alistair Fielder Poster Prize: Karthikayini Gomathinayagam & Michael Andrew Horley, University of Nicosia Medical School: Post-viral mydriasis and ophthalmoplegia

Congratulations to the Pantheo/MOS prize winners for 2022

Alistair Fielder Trainee Prize: Panos Vouzounis, University Hospital Southampton: Refractory glaucoma - is endoscopic photocoagulation (ECP) the way forward?

Alistair Fielder Medical Student Prize: Aline Derlagen and Brian Vinh, University of Nicosia Medical School: Under pressure! A curious case of idiopathic pulmonary hypertension and secondary open angle glaucoma

Alistair Fielder Poster Prize: A Yiangou et al, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham: Calcitonin gene related peptide monoclonal antibody treats headache in patients with active idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Congratulations to the Pantheo/MOS prize winners for 2019

Alistair Fielder Trainee Prize: Lava Nozad, Royal Preston Hospital: Diabetic screening and tablet technology

Alistair Fielder Medical Student Prize:  Heather Holmes, University of Nicosia Medical School: Keep your eye on the ball

MOS Cyprus Poster Prize: Pik Kwan Lau and Suleiman Ayoub, University of Nicosia Medical School: Plaquenil retinopathy

MOS Cyprus Poster Prize: Sonia Kafkalia and Agni Tsangarides, University of Nicosia Medical School: Laser induced macular damage: a public health problem on the rise

Congratulations to the Pantheo/MOS prize winners for 2018

Alistair Fielder Trainee Prize: Mr Mohammed Ahmed, West Midlands Training Program: Perils of blind steroid treatment in Orbital Lymphoma

Alistair Fielder Medical Student Prize:  Victoria Mumford and Rahama John, University of Nicosia Medical School: Atypically agressive ACTH-secreting Pituitary Adenoma misdiagnosed as acute angle closure

MOS Cyprus Poster Prize: Cylene Yang and Chirster Sawaya, University of Nicosia Medical School: Recurrent painful ophthalmolplegic neuropathy: a case report and review of the literature