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British Masters of Ophthalmology

RICHARD MIDDLEMORE was for some thirty years the leading ophthalmologist in the Western Midlands. He was the second son of Richard Middlemore, of " The Davids", a small estate in the parish of Northfield, near Birmingham.

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First Middlemore Lecture 

Click here to read the first Middlemore lecture

List of Middlemore Lecturers

Click here to view the historic list of Middlemore lecturers


1989 - Alistair Fieder:

Neonatal Ophthalmology


2000 - Alistair Fielder:

Amblyopia - Theory and Practice

2001 - Prof Phil Murray, University of Biringham and the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre

The Ins and Outs of Uveitis. Click here for presentation.


2010 - Professor Peng Khaw:

The Future Research in Glaucoma

2011 - Mr Mike Burdon, University Hospital Birmingham

2012 - Mr David Charteris, Moorfields Eye Hospital

2013 - Mr Theo Potomitis, Pantheo Eye Centre

Ophthalmic Practice across the Cultural Divide. Click here for presentation.

2014 - Miss Marie Tsaloumas, University Hospital Birmingham

Multidisciplinary Clinics - VHL and BB

2015 - Professor Susie Downes, Oxford Eye Hospital

2016 - Professor Yit Yang, Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary:

The Muller Cell

2017 - Miss Saaeha Rauz, University of Birmingham and the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre:

Scars that never felt a wound

2018 - Mrs Rosemary Robinson, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwick:

The Changing Face of Professionalism in Ophthalmology. Click here for presentation.

2019 - Professor Alastair Denniston, University Hospital Birmingham:

Oculomics - Why the eye holds the key to systemic health and well-being. Click here for presentation.

2020 - postponed - COVID 19 pandemic

2021 - Lt Col Andrew Jacks, University Hospital Birmingham:

On the Shoulders of Giants. Click here for video recording.

2022 - Miss Helen Palmer, University Hospital Birmingham:

Reasons to be Cheerful. Click here for video recording.

2023 - Professor Pete Shah, University Hospital Birmingham

In Search of Safety in Medicine and Surgery