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MOS Meeting 24th March 2023: The Future is Already Here

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Please find links for recorded meeting edited into episodes below. All recording links are password protected.



Part 1 of 3

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Introduction by MOS President, Mr Joe Abbott

Medical Retina, chaired by Mrs Hannah Sharma Part 1 of 2

i) Introduction, Mrs Hannah Sharma

ii) VR Developments in the Management of Medical Retina Disease, Mr A Mitra delivered by Mr S Elsherbiny

iii) Dry ARMD New and Future Developments Update, Mr S Mirza

iv) Developments in Inherited Retinal Disease, Miss R Morjaria

v) Advances in Widefield Imaging, Mr S Elsherbiny

vi) Case Presentations with panel discussion, Dr A Felecanu, Dr N Singh delivered by Mr S Mirza and Dr K Sharma delivered by Mrs H Sharma


Part 2 of 3

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Medical Retina, chaired by Mrs Hannah Sharma Part 2 of 2

i) Imaging: OCT and OCT-A Advances, Miss R Mukeherjee

ii) Patient Education and Home-based Monitoring, Miss A Gupta & Mr A Manna

Current Issues facing Ophthalmologists in the UK, Prof Ben Burton, with Q and A session chaired by Prof Y Yang


Part 3 of 3

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MOS Membership Fees Update, Mr A Murray

SESSION 1: Complex Cataract Surgery Symposium - a video-based teaching session, chaired by Mr T Sharma

Phacoemulsification in difficult situations: 1. Intra-operative OCT guided management of intumescent white cataract, 2. Surgical Techniques, tips and tricks for toric IOL alignment, 3. Chop and Tumble Nucleotomy - a technique for safe nuclear emulsification of posterior polar cataract, Prof J S Titiyal 
Phacoemulsification in eyes with corneal haze, Prof N Sharma 
Phacoemulsification in subluxated lens, Dr M Kaur 
Phacoemulsification in glaucoma, Mr A Bansal
SESSION 2: Video Based Problem Solving in Cataract Surgery, chaired by Mr T Sharma
Paediatric cataract and its management, Prof S Khokhar 
Paediatric Cataract – difficult case scenarios, Prof S Khokhar


Music: Tonight at Eight by Shane Ivers -